Halloween challenge

Here ish me with yet another halloween header! :D

And truth to be told I don't like it so much~ but this IS a challenge; meaning we get to challenge our own creativity <3 so for now I have this~ I really wonder by the time I finish it how will it look like ^-^ <3;

click on the picture for the bigger version <3

Also~ I was wondering... is no one else interested in these challenges? ;o; I see we already have some members but almost no one commented or made headers for a challenge ;o;! I wish more people would participate! <3

Do you guys have any ideas? Suggestions? Anything would be great <3 ^-^

Halloween challenge

Okies here I go~

It's still not finished but seeing as no one is posting anything I thought I might post something to encourage you people to start posting your layouts! :D <33

I know it's quite different from my usual style but I'm trying out some new things~ xD;

If you have any comments or suggestions about what I can add or change please tell me! Once it's finished I'll post the link up <3

and of course~click on the picture for the bigger version <3

Let's all have fun with challenges and create some pretty pretty graphics together <3

Halloween Challenge!

For our first challenge we decided to do a Halloween Challenge! You guys have until October 24th to get your layouts up!

First Contest

Searching for ghouls and creepy images with visual kei should be easy enough, just pick your picture and get designing!

Please note the general rules on the top of the page and on the user info.